Attiny85 development board

So I ordered an item on Ebay without any research as it was cheap. I ordered an Attiny 8DIP development board with a micro USB connection. It arrived along with the chips, and I try to plug in to my laptop. Almost instantly it shows a windows notification saying that the USB device has malfunctioned. Every single place that sold the board had no data sheets or information that went with it. I came across this site which finally started answering my questions. Looking at the board there is no more than about 10 components and wasn’t expecting much functionality. I found that the board is a clone of a Digispark development board. These other boards has surface mount chips. The chips coulld talk directly to the PC. Looking at this thread, I realised that my issue was that my chip itself required setting up initially before this board could be used. The Digispark chips contained a boot-loader in the program memory taking around 2k or of their 8k total and this gave it the ability to talk over USB. With that boot-loader and the instructions in the link, I got the blink sketch to upload to the chip.

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