Monogame testing

Trying Monogame libraries out, took around 2 hours to convert an old XNA game to run on android. Only a few issues encountered. The first is my own fault. The game did not instantly respond to button presses. In XNA using mouse state was allowed even on phones touchscreen, whilst Android only seems to respond to touch functions. The second issue is that the resolution of the game was only about a third of the size of the screen. This is due to the game being made for use of Windows Phone 7, which was 800 by 480, which by today’s standards is pretty small. I came up with my own  solution for this, which was to draw to a RenderTarget2D, and the draw it with a scale, this worked perfectly, even after the first compile. I created a method for also scaling up the physical position of buttons so that it correctly works with the new scale.

The only other issue I encountered was with content loading. Monogame was missing references needed to compile when using a separate shared project, which need specifying before compiling in the pipeline application.

I hope to use this for a few projects in the future.

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